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Persian Keylogger




Free and completely open source keystroke logging application, allows you to capture and record all keyboard input to file. Program is extremely small and lightweight, can run in a hidden mode, upload log file to specified web server. Due to open source nature, software is secure and transparent.



Application can run in a normal/minimized or a hidden mode (hiding itself from the taskbar). To increase performance, all logged keyboard input is cached and written to file only at certain intervals or when specified conditions are met (hence Cache Size setting). This process is called Flush. Software responds to 5 predefined keywords which are associated to specific functions (hence Keywords setting). When application is in logging mode, you can type any of the keywords anytime with your keyboard, which will bring associated response with the software.



Using main window settings, you can add this application to Windows Startup. Make it start in a hidden mode. Change logging file mode (write in uppercase or lowercase characters). Change log file name and cache size (bigger cache size improves performance and avoids content being written to the log file avoiding disk overload and increases stealth). You can change predefined keywords that used to perform associated functions when application is in a hidden mode.


File Upload

Software can upload existing log file to specified web server on set time intervals. Uploading uses Web Forms mechanism and Post method to sending files. You have to enter correct URL address to your script that handles files just like the ordinary Form/Post submits by a web page. You can find a PHP script example on the project’s website.






Tool Limitations

This tool is designed to listen single folder at a time however in future I will update it for multiple folders

Using the Tool

Use of this tool is very simple

Just run the tool and select the folder you want to listen or track

Changes in the folder are recorded in different tabs and stats are shown in counter section

Control Section allow you to control tool behavior

Setting tab provide you to set various recording options listed as below



Exclude file tab allow you to filter the path that you don want to track

Settings tab allow you to set listener setting and file type filter

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