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Project Description
Free and completely open source keystroke logging and Remote monitoring application, allows you to capture and record all keyboard input,screen ,Activity file or folder to file or database. now Program is extremely small and lightweight, can run in a hidden mode, upload log file to specified web server,FTP, or skydive,googledoc and sent screenshot to yahoo,gmail,Hotmail,POP3 account mail

it is not a spy tool,it is complete Remote monitoring client/server application. but can work without server application

The program will be completed with the preparation of the application server
Anyway work without server and send log and screenshot with mail and webserver,skydrive,googledoc

Features in current version:

* Screenshot captures And Auto upload to Google Picasso,sky drive ,Google Doc,FTP
* Send Screenshot With Yahoo, Gmail ,Hotmail Account,Pop3 mail
* VNC Server with the standard VNC Authentication with a password and support encodings: Raw, RRE, Hextile, CopyRect and support Windows, Linux and Macintosh via the Mono Framework
* Auto Log mailing to any email address.
* Captures all keyboard input
* Caching and low level hooks uses minimal amount of CPU cycles
* Watching Folder & File Activity
* Highly customizable
* Hidden mode
* Windows integration
* Log file uploading to remote servers
* Clean, simple, lightweight, open source, and straightforward
* Full TCP,UDP log (log all network packet transfer, Ip,port,Domain)
* Proxy server for block site
* Black List for application(for example don't run notepad.exe when notepad.exe enter in list)
* process Log
* Take Screenshot when application existing in process list
** Run DOS command and power shell,java script and c# code in client
** Capture video from screen
** Add  another port and Listener for get destination ip

server version release :

*  Save picture in log folder
* with server application you can easy all log and picture and run command!!!! (run command not prepare)


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